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Balladium Ball Blaster System

BALLADIUM is a fast-paced, interactive ball blasting game played in an eye-popping black light arena.  Players load their cannons and the excitement begins as they race to outscore the other team before time runs out!

SPACE REQUIRED: 400 – 2,000 SQ. FT.



ARENA DESIGN – Our Design Team is available to provide you with CAD drawings, arena layouts, and electrical schematics for your BALLADIUM attraction.

ARENA THEMING – The BALLADIUM System includes a wide variety of professionally themed props and facades. WHICH ALL CAN BE CUSTOMIZED!  All these items are drenched in fluorescent graphics and paint, setting the stage for a world of excitement.


AIR CANNONS – The BALLADIUM Air Cannons glow under the black lights and are the focal point for all the action.  They swivel from side to side and up and down so that you can target opposing targets and competitors.  Air Cannons are built ‘size friendly’ so that kids as young as 4, teenagers, and adults can all operate them with ease.

FOAM BALLS – BALLADIUM Balls actually glow under the black lights creating awesome tracer effects when fired.  BALLADIUM Balls are very lightweight.  No pain or liability concerns as with other shooting games.

SCORING SYSTEMS – A variety of LED lit Scoring Targets and a Scoreboard and Timer are included with each System.  BALLADIUM is a highly competitive, action packed and challenging game.

SOUND EFFECTS – Fully narrated instructions, special effects sounds, and adrenaline pumping music combine to bring this attraction to life.

ENTRYWAY – Every  BALLADIUM System comes with a towering 10′ high Grand Entryway Facade.

CARPET –  Each course is fully carpeted with a high grade durable black carpet.

SAFETY – BALLADIUM’s commitment to safety is taken very seriously.  From lighting, to arena design, to rounded edges on props and cannons, you can be assured of your guests’ safety.

DURABILITY – All materials used in fabrication of BALLADIUM props, entry facades, carpet, electronics, air cannons, etc. have all been chosen with high durability in mind.

LOW STAFFING REQUIREMENTS – A  BALLADIUM System can be staffed by just one individual, even at peak times!  When compared to other attractions, you can save literally tens of thousands of dollars on staff alone.

ARENA SIZE – Arena sizes naturally vary based on how large a BALLADIUM System you need.  A simple rule of thumb is 1 Air Cannon per 60 sq. ft.  Systems start at 4 players and can go as high as 48 players.

INSTALLATION, TRAINING, & SERVICE SUPPORT – We have Installation and Service crews completing installations around the globe.  

FACTORY DIRECT PRICING – When you deal with BALLADIUM, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer.  As the manufacturer, we can offer you the best possible prices as there are no middlemen involved.  Buy  BALLADIUM today and save!