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 AlleyTRAX is our premier line of mini bowling with all the classic features in mini bowling such as automatic scoring, automatic bumpers, gutters, above lane ball returns, masking units, etc…but also includes custom theme options. AlleyTRAX is the only mini bowling company that offers this!

MINI-BOWLING  is one of the best entertainment attractions on the market.  AlleyTRAX Mini Bowling is the complete package for mini bowling  fun – Our mini bowling system can be installed virtually anywhere such as Entertainment Centers, Bars, Arcades, Pubs, Amusement Parks, Cruise Lines, Residences, Colleges, Restaurants and more ! Systems can often pay for themselves within a matter of months!  Mini-bowling is fun and exciting for players of all ages and has a proven track record of success.

With AlleyTRAX, you can choose the options you want to create the ultimate mini bowling experience!


 SCORING SYSTEM Multiple game options. Unlimited possibilities!


VISUAL APPEAL & THEMING AlleyTRAX Bowling lanes are visually stunning and include custom 3-D props, themed facades, themed lanes, themed masking units, and even optional themed sidewalls and ball returns creating a true marquee attraction!

STRING PINSETTERS String pinsetters are the most reliable automated pin setting device for bowling ever created.  Simplicity is the key to this rugged machine that is designed to last with a 50-year-plus life cycle!

PAYMENT OPTIONSCoin, card swipe, and/or centrally operated payment options… no problem!  Simple and easy for you and your customers.

SPACE REQUIREMENT FLEXIBILITYAlleyTRAX Bowling lanes and approach areas can be resized when necessary to fit most spaces.  Lengthen, shorten, narrow… whatever your space restriction is, we likely have an option for you.

TRADITIONAL “ABOVE LANE” BALL RETURN SYSTEMDesigned for maximum visual effect and ease of use. 

MAINTENANCE FRIENDLYAll materials and components in AlleyTRAX have been chosen with high durability in mind. Simply the best. 

PROFITABILITYHigh turnover, high capacity, small space requirement, and wide player appeal make AlleyTRAX a tremendous revenue generator. 

WORLDWIDE SERVICEWe install systems and service AlleyTRAX customers around the globe. In the event that you need any assistance or components we are a phone call or email away. For most shipments we use UPS and FedEx.

AUTOMATIC BUMPERS– Young bowlers can avoid gutter balls all together with a simple push of a button that activates our automatic bumpers!


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Taking the first step toward owning your own successful Mini Bowling is easy!  Simply pick up the phone and give us a call.  We would be happy to provide you with more information or to discuss your specific needs.