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INFINITY MAZES is a great new attraction for amusement centers that will appeal to all age groups and will challenge and entertain even the most inquisitive minds! INFINITY MAZES is the evolution of mirror mazes and traditional mazes to a new maze experience that will distort all sense of reality! This is your next great business opportunity!


  Imagine an immersive environment where black lights, LED lights, DMX controls, infinity mirrors, an endless floor, creative theming, with adrenaline pumping sounds, projection apparitions that will make you laugh or send shivers down your spine, 3D glowing walls, etc…all come together to create a heart pounding, out of this world experience that will stick with you for a lifetime!

If you are looking for a unique attraction to separate you from the competition, that can accommodate heavy volumes of guests, will appeal to all age groups, can deliver huge profits, requires minimal staffing and maintenance, etc…Infinity Mazes may be the perfect marquee attraction for you. From product design to theming, to finance, to installation, to operations and customer support and much, much, more, we will work closely with you to ensure you are as successful as you can be.

                     Maze Specifications

Space Requirement: 800-3000 sq. ft.
Capacity: 200-400 guests per hour!
Up to 2500 guests per day (subject to maze size)
Maze Experience Time: 6-20 minutes (subject to maze size)


We encourage everyone to visit out showroom in Central Florida to discover the Infinity Maze difference. 



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