TimeFREAK is an exciting attraction that challenges players to frantically race against the clock to push buttons as they light up. Players score points by racing around he control room, pushing buttons as quickly as possible. The more buttons you push before time runs out, the more points you score! TimeFREAK is an excellent attraction for Entertainment Centers, Bars, Arcades, Pubs, Amusement Parks, Cruise Lines, Residences, Colleges, Restaurants and more!



Inside the TimeFREAK game room, players are immersed in a vibrant UV themed room with 3-D props and facades.  Heart-pumping music, sound effects, and voice prompts add to the excitement.  All of this is shown on a big screen monitor mounted outside the room so that other guests can watch the action and cheer on the players.

When the game is complete, players exiting the game room will see their scores displayed on the Scoring Monitor and receive a printed scorecard to compare with other players and see how they stack up against the daily, monthly and all time high scores.


NO STAFFING REQUIREMENTS – TimeFREAK can operate with tokens, or card swipe systems.  All game instructions are both listed outside the entrance and spoken aloud as part of the countdown to the game.

ENTICER MODESmart software design to help draw players in!

MULTIPLE GAME OPTIONS – Our software is designed for multiple game options (time, speed, and target sequence) allowing you to challenge players of all skill levels and keep them coming back again and again.

OWNER REPORTS – You can monitor performance, usage, and game details on our easy to use touch screen monitor.

WIDE DEMOGRAPHIC APPEAL – TimeFREAK is a hit with children and adults alike.  It is also an excellent group and party attraction!

MULTIPLE SIZE OPTIONS – 100 – 200 sq. ft. Larger units are available.  An empty party room might be all the space you need!

REDEMPTION TICKETS – TimeFREAK can be set up to dispense tickets and bolster any redemption arcade.

SOUND EFFECTS – Fully narrated instructions, voice prompts, special effect sounds, & adrenaline pumping music bring out the competitor in everyone!

INSTALLATION, TRAINING, & SERVICE SUPPORT – We service customers around the globe.  In less than 3 days we will have your TimeFREAK attraction installed & your staff trained, ready for business.

WARRANTY – TimeFREAK comes with a comprehensive warranty on all components

RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Simply put: a matter of a few good months!

ARENA DESIGN – We will provide you with CAD arena layouts & electrical schematics for your TimeFREAK attraction.  Custom sized arenas available on request.

ARENA DECOR – The TimeFREAK system includes professionally themed props and facades.  All items glow under UV light, creating the perfect setting for an intense gaming experience. Custom themed arenas available on request.

TARGET ZONE – The target zone is the area where all the target buttons are located around the walls.  Buttons have been strategically placed to accommodate all age groups and promote physical activity.

DURABILITY – All materials used in the fabrication of TimeFREAK have been chosen with high durability in mind.



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